We were able to get a quick, last minute appointment for a tube repair. Service was very prompt and professional. Great demeanor! Several people walked in while we were present, and the technician knew every person but name. This appointment was for my dad. I appreciated how she made sure each ear piece fit precisely and adjusted. The last lady before this didn’t do that, and consequently, they broke again less than 2 months later. Would certainly recommend and return!
Antoinette Boulet, on Google
I have been putting off getting hearing aids for several years now. So as you can imagine, I wasn’t overly thrilled to be going to my appointment. However, once I stepped through the door, I was immediately put at ease. From the front office to the back, the entire staff was professional, in great spirits, and extremely knowledgeable. They took the time to review all of my prior hearing test history, asked a lot of questions and truly helped me understand the benefits and power of using hearing aids. I was amazed at the clarity and how much more I was able to hear, once I was fitted with a sample set. Now, I can’t wait to receive my own pair, which I will receive in about 10 days.
Kit Jones, on Google
I took my mother here for a hearing exam. Dr. Lea Peter is a super friendly doctor. She is very thorough and is great at explaining and answering questions. She even gave me a complimentary hearing test!
B Flynn, on Google
NewSound Hearing Center is established and the location was very easy to locate. Now..the staff was wonderful and Miss. Ashley Slay the Specialist treated me with the upmost respect, I valued her knowledge. I will be hearing again soon on my next appointment, when my hearing aids come in. I can’t wait. Thank you NewSound.
Patricia Vasquez, on Google
Excellent experience! Helped my grandfather find hearing aids that were comfortable for him. Explained his hearing exam in detail and took great care of him. W 24th location
Kaylyn Harlan, on Google

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